March 21-22, 2023

Fintech & e-commerce linking days

The largest conference in Poland connecting technology in finance and e-commerce industry.


Fintech & e-commerce linking days 2023

is the second meeting of representatives of industries that, thanks to the synergy of their activities, create a technological revolution.

The second edition of the event is the important date in calendars of fintech & e-commerce Practitioners. The conference aim is to integrate representatives of both environments around common topics, such as: practical use of the metaverse, payments, blockchain and ESG. Fintech & E-commerce Linking Days conference is also the place where both industries can discuss and better understand mutual expectations, thanks to which business cooperation will scale their business.

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commercial, media and honorary Partners


and Panelists


of the event

Event locations

Participants of Fintech & E-commerce linking days will be hosted by 2 iconic locations in Łódź:

Revitalised buildings of the former Power Plant EC1

Targowa 1/3, Łódź

The most modern exotic park in Europe ORIENTARIUM

Konstantynowska 8/10, Łódź

Business ŁÓDŹ

Łódź is the third largest city in terms of city area, located almost precisely in the heart of Poland and Europe, surrounded by a network of motorways and expressways that provide excellent connections with Polish and European cities.
The well-qualified staff consists of graduates of 19 universities, educated in the fields desired by employers. Competitive in comparison to other large Polish cities, the costs of renting office space, a wide range of cultural events and the constantly growing quality of life are just some of Łódź's advantages.
The unique post-industrial character of the city and its openness to new economic initiatives make Łódź an excellent place for business development and implementation of innovative projects.
Łódź has been a Polish leader in the logistics and transport industry as well as in the BPO, IT, household appliances and R&D sectors for years. Business ecosystems for technology companies are also developing dynamically here, especially in the area of artificial intelligence, FinTech, Life Science, e-commerce and creative industries.

The following topics will be covered during the conference:


Practical use of virtual world in fintech and e-commerce activities. Usecases, discussions presenting the view of Polish/international practitioners.


Crypto-winter is here.
What is the future of blockchain in ERA of limited crypto and NFT development?


What is the direction of further development in Poland? How can fintech evolve? Practical expamples of fintech’s ecosystems effectiveness taken from international markets.


Can we expect further revolutionary discoveries or is it the time for organic growth only? Discussion on the future of payments in the era of coming civilization achievements (AI, VR, etc.).


What are the expectations and challenges related to regulations in the field of shabby developments? How to use the potential of ESG? It is an opportunity, not a threat to business development.


The future of e-commerce in the light of development trends in related industries. Will e-commerce benefit from them? Which industries can count on cooperation and which will be exposed to stronger competition?

Why is it worth coming?

Fintech & E-commerce Linking Days is the one and only event in Poland that builds the communication platform for industries that work together in a very demanding, fast, and competitive tech market

Participation in the event is a guarantee of:

  • establishing new business contacts, 
  • getting the personal contact with Speakers, Panelists- enthusiasts and practitioners of technology
  • gaining extraordinary experience related to discovering one of the most dynamically developing cities in Poland- Łódź
  • spending the time in ispiring and the same time relaxing atmosphere


14:00:00 Networking / EXPO zone
16:00:00 Opening of the conference
16:10:00 Presentation by prof. Christopher Sier
16:30:00 How to scale business globally through the UK and how does it help the British government in this?
16:50:00 Discussion panel How to promote Poland as a Fintech Hub for Europe
and as an innovation friendly economy?
18:10:00 Embedded Finance panel Development, potential and challenges
19:10:00 FinTech North and the Northern FinTech Landscape
19:30:00 Foreign session
20:00:00 Formal dinner
23:59:00 The end of the first day

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Package I

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  • networking meeting - II day
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The Partners of the event

Titular Partner
Miasto Łódź
Honorary Partner
Instytut finansów
British Embassy Warsaw
Content Partner
IDEMIA augmented identity
RSP Legal
Media Partner
Bitcoin edu pl